I find Afghanistan to be an incredibly compelling topic, not just in terms of the current war and the geopolitics involved but also because of the nature and condition of its people. Please enjoy my writings and references on the subject.

My posts: 
1) Afghanistan: An overview of the failures, the problems and a new way forward considered from both a western and afghani perspective. I argue how either continuing with the status quo or deescalating and pulling out would be terrible for both groups involved
2) Malthusian Afghanistan: I consider the statistics and relationships between enormous population pressures, poverty and the resulting violence.
3) Environmental challenges in Afghanistan: I look at the environmental challenges - both natural and manmade - that influences the population pressures and poverty mentioned above.

Important books: 
1) Ahmed Rashid, Descent into Chaos: This amazing book gives enormous details into all aspects of the geopolitics, the war, the people, the nation building and other factors over the last 10 years of an international presence in Afghanistan and the surrounding region. 
2) Michael Ignatief, Empire Lite: This book really explores the nature of US/UN nation building in Kosovo, Bosnia and Afghanistan.
3) Greg Mortinsen, Three Cups of Tea: One of the most inspiring and empathetic books I have read in a long time, detailing the need for schooling in Pakistan and central asia and the relationship between education and the problems faced today.
Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner
James Michener, Caravans

Frequent Topics: