We live in a world where the public discourse is dominated by the direct and indirect influence of the mainstream media. The agenda of what is discussed is asymmetrically determined by a relatively small group of political and corporate interests and their message becomes homogenized and disseminated through the media system.

This blog represents my efforts to contribute in a very small way to a countervailing voice. Decentralized, independent media of all kinds allows us to step away from the homogenized message and discuss and analyze situations as they are without the systemic bias of the media filter.

This blog covers many topics and includes: Canadian and American politics, the geopolitics involved in Afghanistan, China, Israel/Palestine, India, Iran, Korea, Pakistan and many other countries and regions, discussion of war, conflict and the social and moral ramifications, economics, environment including oil depletion and global warming, religion, and many other topics. Discussion of the media is incorporated in most of these topics because of the need to understand the media's role in public understanding; however, I then try to go quite a bit further and analyze the situations in detail as they are.

As indicated by the title Progressive Proselytizing, I have an unapologetically progressive political stance. I typically don't like to assert catch-all labels to ones political philosophy and mean 'progressive' in the broadest sense not of a set of policy and ideological positions but as an attitude and approach of needed change in our dynamic society. While I support, on average, more policy positions from the political left than the political right, this blog is not meant to be partisan and attempts to discuss political issues outside of the context and framing of established parties.

Unlike many blogs, I don't aim for this blog to be about news commentary. I am interested in pursuing larger understanding and analysis which remains valid under the test of time. I try to use current events more as motivating examples to discuss and explore a concept with relevant, timely information. Some posts will contain no mention of current news, others will be largely discussing a news piece particularly when it is a topic where I have explored the foundation of the concept before and the news piece works into this nicely.

Enjoy, and feel more than welcome to engage in the conversation and offer your perspectives!
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