The best case view of the NDP platform
May 23, 2014

The best case view of the NDP platform

NDP candidate Rosario Marchese cuts through a lot of spin to defend a frank and real representation of the NDP's platform. In my previous post, I was fairly harsh towards the NDP plan - both as a set of policies and the larger strategies. I wanted to share his post to be able to contrast the best case view of the plan.

The key bit is this:
"The NDP platform takes the [Liberal] budget as its baseline, keeping nearly all the same spending commitments, but with additional commitments that are paid for by a corporate tax increase. 
It is, quite frankly, the Liberal "NDP-inspired" budget and more, but without the aggressive privatization agenda and with the certain knowledge that the NDP intends to keep our promises." (emphasis mine)
Marchese readily acknowledges that much of the Liberal budget is overlapping with the NDP plan. The case for supporters is two fold. Firstly, a list of various issues that go beyond the Liberal budget. It is this list that I was labelling as "small" in my previous post. Some of these things are laudable, but they are not transformative. Nonetheless, they are there. Secondly, it is the claim that the NDP will be better at this budget than the Liberals, perhaps more trustworthy and likely to keep their promises.

The best case scenario, then, is an honest assessment that this plan is, at best, just a bit better than the Liberal plan.

The big question is this: why risk the horrors of Hudak's plan, for the chance to be just a bit better than the Liberals? 

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The Mound of Sound said...

Sure. Real New Democrats know that Marchese is blowing smoke.

Anonymous said...

The Liberal plan is based on lies. They break their promises, always. Any self-proclaimed "real" New Democrat who jumps ship to support the corrupt, incompetent, right-of-centre Liberals is a fool and a traitor.

bazie said...

TMOS, it is interesting, my previous post ( was very critical of the NDP for almost the exact reasons written out on the letter. This post was meant as a contrast to that, saying what the best possible way to view the plan might be. But personally, I don't think the best case view is all that rosy and I don't even take the best case view myself.

Anonymous, as a non-partisan, I've never really felt much of a sense of personal loyalty to one party or the other. I see parties with different policy goals and sometimes different values, but I don't see one party as inherently evil and another as inherently good. The Liberals are in power, so they get tested, but I don't see any a priori reason to think that one party is a party of corrupt incompetent liars and another party isn't. At least, not at such a general, sweeping level.

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