Wall Street protests, Obama, and changing the political conversation
Oct 7, 2011

Wall Street protests, Obama, and changing the political conversation

Note: The body of this post accidentally got deleted. A partial version of it remains in my notes, so it remains as a placeholder until it is updated. 

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maverik said...

"In some ways it is not appropriate to give too much undue attention to the current Wall Street protests in New York that are spreading around the US and into Canada. Doing so deemphasizes the very large amount of consistent and meaningful citizen action that occur all the time on many important topics yet are frequently ignored by the media and political classes. However, it is precisely because this particular protest is growing in momentum in a way that is garnering attention from the media and perhaps even the political class, that makes it noteworthy."

Surely we should be giving all the other citizen action more attention, not Wall Street less.

bazie said...

Indeed. The comment was largely directed at so many pundits who seem to find this protest as an almost unique occurrence, something imported from North Africa or Britain, perhaps, and something truly different than that which comes before it. I want to suggest that while I agree there is something of a special energy and scale to this - and certainly far more media coverage - it is much more of an evolution from a continuing and proud tradition than a unique one of.

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