More Shameless Progressive Conservative Attack Ads
Aug 30, 2011

More Shameless Progressive Conservative Attack Ads

Looks like the PC`s have bought another slew of advertising for Google search terms with almost any combinations including "Liberal Party" or "Ontario Liberals" and the like having an on-top PC ad linking to the website

The website is, of course, entirely fake. It has the overview of looking like it might be a quasi-respectable news website aggregating meaningful articles about the Liberal party. Instead, it just has a handful of articles with sensationalist headlines posted within a small time period of the websites creation with no comments or feedback. It is one of those lovely middle grounds where it (probably) doesn't explicitly violate advertising standards despite the larger theme being an entirely fraudulent attempt to pretend one is looking at a credible news website when even casual inspection shows it to be nothing but a trumped up and blatant attack advertising platform.

This follows a larger standard where advertising on television actually has a reasonable amount of standards. If, for instance, one party gets either paid or free advertising on a station then the station is obliged to offer the same access to other parties. Yet when it comes to the internet, most of these protections don't exist and so it is quite acceptable for parties to create websites - and advertise links to them - even when the websites are blatant frauds like this one.

It is worth noting the dependency that this website - and indeed the Conservatives and PC parties generally - have on right wing media establishments. The majority of the (small number) of articles all link to editorials posted in various different newspapers all from one company: Sun Media. Sun Media is the standard bearer for right wing news content in Canada, particularly poignantly in the editorial sections of these newspapers, and the bilateral relationship between media and politics is so clearly on display here.

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