Split Passions
Nov 13, 2009

Split Passions

Here I am sitting at my computer. I am listening to a recording of my latest piano song. I am relaxing 5 tabling NL50 and chatting about the media reaction to Fort Hood on the forums. Above the monitor my white board is covered in math diagrams. But what I am REALLY doing is day dreaming about the winter snow camping trip this year. This is when it occurs to me that my passions are really quite a disparate collection.

So that is what this blog is going to be about: Math, Music, Mountains, Poker and Politics. I like the alliteration. Possibly other things, but that should be the theme. As the first four are all things you DO while the last is something you TALK about it is more than possible the last of these will take up an undue portion of the blog. I am also not quite sure WHY I am making a blog other than that I like the sound of my keyboard. As such the possibility that this is my first and last blog post is not at all remote.

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